10 Working Tips for Every Employee

by roshi on June 10, 2009

in Motivational

Being successful at work is not hard if you focus on it and define some rules. Following are some golden tips for employees to get the best from any job.

  1. Do not get into trouble
    Do not attract unnecessary attention. Be careful about what you do and say. Watch your attitude.
  2. Aim for greater heights
    Always try to do your best. Never say no. Accept challenges. Accept responsibilities.
  3. Stay focus on your job
    Do not get distracted by other stuff at office. Do not indulge in office politics.
  4. Exercise to maintain good health
    Good health means good brain. We sit in office for 8 or 9 hours daily. Body needs some work out. Save yourself from being fat. Exercise will keep you from being fat and restore your energy. Fit body and mind can work more efficiently then weaker one.
  5. Practice Team work
    Team work involve following your immediate authority and keep up with other colleagues during a certain task. Create healthy atmosphere for other colleagues. Normally in company different tasks are divided between different teams led by a team leader. If you work as a team then you should respect other team members and listen to them as well. Be cooperative and forgiving. Develop a habit of helping other members.
  6. Rely on your trusted partner to watch your back
    We all have friends and enemies, even at office. Trust in your best friend who is your colleague. Share your concerns with him. Request him ping you whenever you need an alert about something.
  7. Save for rainy days
    There is no such thing as job security. No job is secure. Whether its a job at Microsoft, Job at Google, job at Embassy or wherever. Even the CEO of the company can not be sure about the security of his job. CEO gets fired too. Sometimes people get fired for no particular reason. You are an employee, you better save for rainy days. May be some day you will have to switch the job, they can fire you anytime. It takes just three words: “You are fired.” It is very easy to say for a Boss. He will have always better candidate and you will have a better job but the transition is a bit suffering sometimes. Better save something for rainy days. Even when you are doing good and things are fine, you can not ask for loan or urgent fund from your company always. It is embarrassing. Better save for yourself. Make a habit of ignoring some part of your salary and keep it saved in bank every month.
  8. Rest and relax
    Do not get obsessed with over work. Do not overwork. Work smart, not hard. Get full rest as much as your body needs. Getting rest and being relaxed will restore your energy and you can hit the next goal with a blast.
  9. Always smile when your boss is around
    Smile is a magic. Consider yourself as the Boss of the company. Will you like confused or troubled face? Smile shows confidence, trust and it means that you are happy about being where you are.
  10. Nothing is impossible
    There is “I’m possible” in the word “impossible”. Try hard. Even if you fail, you will get appreciation.

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