April 2008

Funny Images Part 10

by roshi on April 29, 2008

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Urdu Jokes

by roshi on April 25, 2008

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Once a sardar owned a retaurant. A man came up to him and claimed: “Sardar jee! There is a fly in the tea” Sardar jee replied: “O! Dil wadda ker yara! Oonay kinna pee leena aaay”

Funny Images Part 9

by roshi on April 25, 2008

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An old American Muslim lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with his young grandson. Each morning Grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table reading his Quran. His grandson wanted to be just like him and tried to imitate him in every way he could. One day the grandson asked, ‘Grandpa! I […]

Pakistan is the most dangerous country at earth and Muslims are terrorists. Well you may have heard this and possibly you may have already believed it as promoted by the media. I myself do not understand many things except I firmly believe that media and politics are just a crap. I am a proud Pakistani. Its […]

Istikhara This is a special term in religion Islam. If any muslim wants to have guidence about some matter or wants to take decision about something but he is confused and does not know what to do then he is advised to ask help from God by this special way. For this he can offer […]

Funny Images Part 8

by roshi on April 20, 2008

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by roshi on April 19, 2008

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Never cry for any relation in life. Because for the one whom you cry, does not deserve your tears. And the one who deserves, will never let you cry.