August 2009

Avatar coming december 09, by ‘Titanic’ director, James Cameron breaks apple movie trailer records. In addition to the tremendous buzz surrounding the movie, Cameron is even enjoying a record-breaking movie trailer. On Friday, 20th Century Fox said the trailer for Avatar became the most viewed trailer on According to the movie studio, Avatar was […]

Rejection is no fun. Asking someone out, only to be shot down in flames, can be a major blow to the ego. That’s where body language can help. A large percentage of human communication is based on body language – gestures and movements that can signal our thoughts and feelings even more accurately than words. […]

Sometimes you have to make fire but you do not have matches or lighter. In this case if you have a little cell battery, you can create a fire in an instant.

Remove car dent easily by using just a hair dryer and air duster.

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Female Orgasm Facts

by roshi on August 21, 2009

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Percent of women experience orgasms infrequently? Percent of dissatisfied women who often reach their orgasm? Minutes for women to reach orgasms via different methods? Percent of American women who never experienced orgasm? Where exactly on the body is the clitoris located? How many percentage of women fake orgasm? Which areas of a female body are […]