June 2010

Pretty Woman

by roshi on June 24, 2010

in Movies

You gonna love this movie. I was impressed by so many aspects of it. A man in a legal but hurtful business needs an escort for some social events, and hires a woman he meets… only to fall in love.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

by roshi on June 24, 2010

in Movies

Imagine that there are other creatures or lives in the galaxy or this universe somewhere and they have watched us destroy our earth and its resources. We Humans use up all the resources of the earth and cause it to destroy. We cause the earth to die. So its time when aliens have to act […]

Knight and Day

by roshi on June 23, 2010

in Movies

June Havens (Diaz) finds her everyday life tangled with that of a secret agent (Tom Cruise) who has realized he isn’t supposed to survive his latest mission. As their campaign to stay alive stretches across the globe, they soon learn that all they can count on is each other. Watch HD trailers of the movie.

Music video by Shakira featuring Freshlyground performing Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) – The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup by Sony Music Entertainment.

Things Always Go Wrong

by roshi on June 21, 2010

in Inspirational

Do you ever wonder about life? What is life? What have you learned from your life? I am going to share a specific thing I have observed about life. Somebody will tell you or you will know it by yourself later on that ‘Things always go wrong‘. Life and this world is not supposed to […]

Its funny but Pakistan has launched its own FaceBook after recent FaceBook ban in Pakistan. The ban was not funny. That was a serious issue. I mean you can not play with someone’s emotions. But funny part is…Here is another online social crap and its a copy of FaceBook and not the original idea. O […]

Internet Tea Timer

by roshi on June 15, 2010

in Food

Its the simplest internet tea timer ever which will help you prepare your tea and suggest time and temperature for making tea according to tea type (black tea, herbal tea, green tea, chai etc.).

Sienna Family. Sienna SE…in the house. Swagger Wagon. Watch swagger wagon videos.