August 2010

Food that Destroy Cancer

by roshi on August 29, 2010

in Cancer

Eating certain type of food you can stop cancer. Here is the list of food, vegetables, teas, fruits that help destroy cancer.

International community, UN and major developed countries are rescuing Pakistan flood victims and helping Pakistan flood victims to survive while have you seen the other side of the picture? There are some other people from around the world with different opinion for Pakistani flood victims. I will point towards some of those. If you go […]

Pakistan is facing the worst disaster of its kind in history. The massive destruction and damage this disaster is causing is more than the Sonami disaster. Tell you the truth; Pakistani newspapers and TV channels are not reporting everything correctly. Two TV channels have been threatened already. ARY channel has been banned in the country […]

There are cameras near ATM machine but the cameras can not protect you from being robbed. Before using ATM machine make sure you lock the door or ATM cabin after getting inside. Do not go near ATM machine alone. Bring a friend or family member with you before using ATM. Make sure you never let […]

Never swim or go near a water hole like these. If you do see one of these, you’re too close, and you better paddle your butt off to get away!

There are live burning natural gas holes at this earth. These look like door to hell. These were ignited to stop poisonous gas discharge. There seems to be an infinite resource of natural gas which is burning without a pause since 35 years. This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. […]

This is really scary. The whole building can go down into a huge hole like this is really scary. A three storey building collapsed and fell into a huge sink hole in Guatemala City. The giant 200ft-deep crater appeared after Guatemala was hit by tropical storm Agatha, bringing torrential rains and causing deadly mudslides. Witnesses […]

The world biggest time clock is being erected at the Royal Tower in Saudi Arabia Makkah. This huge clock has got Allah-O-Akbar written on it which means “The God is the Greatest”.