December 2010

Alright, if you have just got a smart phone and are wondering how to get internet going at your mobile device then here is all you need to know. Internet GPRS, edge or access point settings for mobile device. I have got an HTC and I would like to share how its done at this […]

If you use wateen internet services then you need to contact them often to resolve internet connection problems. They tell you to empty cache and temp files and then clear SSL state and empty browser cache and restart the device etc. Good news is, you can resolve internet connection problems yourself now. All wateen internet […]

Playful Rainbow Shark

by roshi on December 19, 2010

in Aquarium

Playful albino rainbow shark.

Albino rainbow shark is a cool addition in your freshwater fish tank. I have got one and its an amazing dude. Its more than 5 inches in length and its got cool personality. I have filmed few small best shots of it. I really want somebody would create his rainbow shark videos and post at […]

Got aquarium? Want to keep a nice clam? Let me share photos, videos and info related to clam based on my own experience. Many guys buy clam and keep that in aquarium and then they go to check out articles about how to take care of a clam. Then they read that its a good […]

Happy Xmas

by roshi on December 19, 2010

in Photos Stream

Merry Christmas and happy new year again. Enjoy holidays.

Happy Winter Holidays

by roshi on December 19, 2010

in Photos Stream

Holidays, winter, Xmas, New Year…December in United Kingdom. Chilly freezing cold weather with lots of snow…

Holidays are here. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2011, Happy Chilly Winter. Enjoy, these days of your life won’t come again. These moments of your life won’t come again. Enjoy some of the photos from United Kingdom winter season.