22 Gallons Fish Tank with Filters – Videos – Part 2

by roshi on September 22, 2010

in Aquarium

After one week and changing fish tank water many time I decided to install water filters in that tank because what I had got pre-installed filters in the tank were not good enough. So I installed under gravel filter and internal water filter for aquarium. This is part 2 of videos after the installation of filters. You will observe better quality water in these videos. What you will look at are:

2 Fantail Goldfish
2 Red and White Comet Goldfish
2 Pleco Algae Eaters
2 Tinfoil Barbs
2 White Butterfly Koi (coy) Fish
2 White and Yellow Koi Fish
2 Bala Sharks
2 Albino Rainbow Sharks
2 Red Wag Platy

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