24 Dollars Per Month Salary for 8+ Hours Each Day

by roshi on April 14, 2010

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I like Pizza, Shawarma (if you are wondering what’s shawarma then see here), Coca Cola, French Fries, Chicken Cheese Burger and all that kind of crappy fast food. In Lahore Pakistan there is a restaurant at Model Town Link Road named as ‘Fine Pizza Family Restaurant‘. I have been ordering this stuff at regular basis from them. Delivery is free. Price for two item is as under:

Chicken Burger with French Fries: $2 USD
Shawarma: $1.2 USD

You know its hard to sit infront of computer all day and don’t taste fast food in the day. The point is not to tell you what I like to eat. You probably eat more than me. Yeaaaahh! You do! …. I don’t eat much. Don’t want to be fat.

All I really want to say is that there is literally no ‘LAW’, ‘Right LAW ENFORCEMENT’ or ‘Human Rights’ or ‘Human Resources’ in Pakistan. I am literally shocked today. Wanna hear why?

Recently I moved and changed my residence and I got a house away from that Pizza Restaurant. I ordered the crap I eat but I got my meals late because the delivery boy arrived to me late. I inquired him and he was like ready to reveal his plight to me.

That guy works for more than 8 hours a day and delivers Pizzas and other stuff in his area all day long at his own motorbike and is getting $24 USD per month ($292/annum) salary for that.
He is not even getting sufficient allowance for fuel. He gets $.024 USD/Kilometer for fuel. Fuel Price now a days is $.875/Liter here.

I was really shocked to discover that. Now where are Human Rights or Human Resources in Pakistan. I mean where in the world a guy is hired at $24 USD/month for daily 8 hours of work. No other extra allowance, No medical facility, No leave,…nothing. On hiring they say to their delivery boys and service staff that there they can make $120 USD per day as tip. On asking tips from customers, employer threat them and fire them in some cases.

I mean $24 USD Dollars are nothing. And those employees of restaurant are getting this much as wages for whole month which has 30 days.

If there is Human Resource, Human Rights or Law Enforcement agencies out there, then this is my message to them. They will rot in hell if they don’t consider to cope with this high handedness. This is humiliation of mankind. That guy was a graduate. There must be a defined decent fix wages rate across the country for hourly basis.

Oh! and by the way!

Here is the contact info of that ‘Fine Pizza Restaurant’ which is not so fine with graduate employees and humiliating them.

Akram Complex, Link Model Town Road Lahore Pakistan

If anybody is wondering what’s the best Pizza place in Pakistan Lahore. Its Pizza Hut for sure.

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