30+ Best Funny Hidden Camera Scenes – Videos

by roshi on October 18, 2009

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Do not try any of these. Mostly these videos are created in a controlled environment and professional actors perform these acts or fun stuff. Following videos contain really funny scenes in public using hidden cameras and are created just for fun and entertainment sake. After the joke, the affected people are told that they were being filmed in the whole process. Some of these can be helpful in understanding the real situation if any of your friend tries to make a fool of you.


Don Juan Perfume Effect

Do not Smell Cake after Tasting

Wrong Toilet Side

Food Taster

Underwear Cops

Bride in bushes

The Garbage man

Electric Ringtone

Itching Power

Not my driving license

Incorrigible GranPa

Floating toilet

Your Car is a Taxi

The Pizza Delivery Boy

Angry Photocopier

Walkman for the blind

Stuck in cement

Sexy Mistake

Blind Chippendale


The Wedding bride


Explosive boobs

Salad Battle

Gorilla at Large

Girls Sexy Stare Effect

Hidden Pool

Fake Parking Tickets

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