30 FREE Gifts For Your Partner Compiled By Romance Staff

by roshi on July 8, 2007

in Love

Give your partner a full month of romantic surprises with these 30 FREE gifts!

A back rub.
A self-composed love poem.
A single rose from your garden.
An assortment of wildflowers.
A web page dedication.
A love note.
A kiss.
A hug.
A whispered, “I love you!”
Breakfast in bed.
A love coupon.
A homemade card.
Sing a love song.
A day of pampering.
A romantic walk.
A dance.
A love journal.
Do a chore for your partner.
Read your partner a book or poem.
A virtual card.
A love dedication.
A piece of clothing scented with your cologne or perfume. Something sentimental to you.
A drawing.
An hour of listening.
A night under the stars.
An intimate encounter.
An hour of doing whatever they want.
A romantic bath.
A movie for two by candlelight.

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