5 Tips to Develop Positive Thinking

by roshi on April 20, 2010

in Self Development

Having a positive mindset is essential in so many areas. Studies show that positive thinking improves productivity and quality. When we feel positive we naturally are more creative and so perform better. When you are on top of your game, your confidence levels will be sky high and this benefits all areas of your personal and work life.

Fear can stop you in your tracks; it can stop you thinking productively. Fear of showing ourselves up, of being proved wrong, or losing what we have, can stop us making beneficial decisions. If negative thinking leads to bad judgement, we become hesitant when challenged by adversity. We then see an opportunity as an impossible test and instead of seizing the day, allow the moment to pass, while the rest of the world moves onward and upward. Negative emotions like fear, regret, anxiety, jealousy, anger and sadness are not only capable of having a huge physical effect on you, but they can also impact significantly on how you conduct yourself through life. Negative emotions can cement bad decision making habits.

A huge benefit of personal development is that it can persuade the healthy parts of us to expand and the less acceptable to wither away. It can improve our overall state of health and give us inner peace, as our emotions, values, attitudes, motivations and beliefs are all linked together.

Right, let us look at ways to help maintain a positive outlook:

Set goals

If life was a piece of cake then we would not need motivation. That is why setting yourself regular challenges and goals – for example taking up a new hobby that requires creativity or learning a new language can help develop a well-trained, disciplined mind that will aid you in many other parts of life. Keeping confidence and motivation going is key to achieving long term success. However, to achieve long term success you need to set and accomplish short term goals! Giving yourself a small reward as you hit each short term goal will also help maintain motivation.

Believe in yourself

This is crucial. There is no point in setting goals if you don’t believe you can achieve them! Believe that you can achieve. Very few people find success without believing in themselves or in what they are doing. Visualisation may help. See yourself reach your goal; feel the immense satisfaction that comes when you do so and how positive you feel.

Value yourself

Think good things about yourself. Treat yourself as you would a valued friend. Instead of being your own worst critic become your own best supporter. Be aware of negative comments you think or say about yourself. Change these into positive comments that encourage you.

Develop an action plan

Having eradicated these negative thoughts, focus on developing an action plan which will form the foundation for your positive mindset. Add reward days into the planner for extra motivation. Of course, your plan should be unique to you, allowing for your own needs. Personalising it like this will show you that you can control your own future. Having a clear idea of what to do will help you focus on the task in hand. No longer will you feel helpless and directionless.

Keep a journal

Keep a daily journal in which you note down the progress you are making towards your goals. Also note down how you are feeling about yourself. Keeping tabs on your progress is certain to help foster a positive mind-set. Naturally, honesty is key for this to work. Don’t lie to yourself otherwise you are unlikely to achieve your goal.

Follow these stategies, they work. You will soon find yourself becoming more positive and enjoying life more. Make it happen!

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