6 Rules To Self Discovery

by roshi on April 20, 2010

in Know Thyself

1. Understand The Principle Of Purpose

Every human is on a race whether you are black or white, European, Asian or North American. You must understand that you were born for a purpose on this planet Earth. Although people will notice the gift or talent in you, you still have to look inwards in your heart to know who you are.

People always have the problem of always comparing themselves; while this is good as it challenges you to move forward and not being satisfied with where you are? , it’s also dangerous as it makes people lose confidence in their abilities. The word Role Model has been abused and misused. People have gone as far as copying the characters of their heroes which makes them alien and not themselves.

A role model is someone who has achieved something great that you also want to achieve. Now don’t get me wrong, I have role models too that I look up too for guidance but I don’t try to copy their characters. No way, I prefer to be myself.

Take a look at Bill Gates, Warren buffet and Donald Trump. Each man is a billionaire but I want you to analyze their characters and beliefs and you will discover that they have different beliefs but they have one thing in common they each discovered their purpose in life and pursued it. We all would like to be billionaires or financially free like them but first we have to discover our purpose. Only then can we move to being successful.

I suggest you ask your parents, friends and people who are able to observe your uniqueness. Remember this as the first rule to Self discovery “find something that you do easily that people find it difficult to do”.

2. Understand That There Are Obstacles

When a 1 year old baby wants to walk, it starts from crawling. His goal to hug the parents he loves dearly. However in achieving this, he starts crawling and while trying to stand falls. He might repeat this action so many times but he perseveres until he has achieved his goal.

No matter the goal you have set for yourself, understand that there are obstacles. No one can achieve anything without facing challenges. Are you going to give up? Or are you going to succeed? You are the alone one that can answer this question.

President Barak Obama is an example of a man who understood this rule. He understood that obstacles (Competitors that were more qualified than him) were in his path to his success but he did not care, rather he strived on and this made him the President of the United States of America.

In your quest to Self Discovery, there will be many obstacles and distractions that might make you confused. Don’t allow it to get to you; keep pressing forward and eventually, a revelation will occur in you. Out of our greatest rejection, on comes our greatest direction.

3. Focus

A man that has no ambition is like a man who drives on a road without a map. He doesn’t know where he is gong; he’s just driving. Think about it what do you think would happen to this man. If he were stopped by another fellow who probably had a destination, he might decide to follow him or might continue on his endless journey.

Unfortunately, many people are in this kind of situation, they wake up day by day without any focus, thinking life just goes or it’s boring. The third rule to self discovery is Focus, Focus, and Focus. Focus on making yourself better. Learn to overcome weaknesses and build on strengths.

4. Understand That You are Called To Serve

This is the fourth rule to self discovery. You are born to serve. I don’t mean that you are meant to work for a boss (for those who love to be self employed). What I mean is that you were born to be a problem solver. Everyone in this World solve problems. The secretary solves the problem of keeping your business schedules and organizing files. The cleaner solves the problem of keeping your office clean.

How can you know your purpose, if you are not willing to solve people’s problem? That’s a food for thought. However understand that service leads to Self discovery.

5. Discipline

To be able to achieve success in discovery yourself, you must be disciplined. In every area of life, discipline is a critical factor; it’s what differentiates great achievers from losers. There are several books and e-books on discipline. I suggest you read books on this topic. Furthermore seek mentors that have achieved success in their lives. They will assist you in achieving your goal. Remember this that no advice in the world can make you achieve discipline until you make up your mind and determine that you want it drastically.

6. Every Plan Has A Price

In life, our decision is a reflection of our future. So what is the price of Self discovery? I am sure you know the answer already. ACHEIVER, SUCCESS, GREATNESS that you have never seen or imagined.

As you strive on to attain self discovery, I hope that you will be able to achieve your goal. Cheers

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