I am Alright, Atleast Yet!

by roshi on April 24, 2010

in Inspirational

Life goes on. Good and bad times may come and go. You might struggle very hard to achieve financial stability. You will fall again and again untill you will fall no more and will come a time when you will be settled down with profession you are good at. Things may go wrong again. Things go wrong again and again.

Life has a strange way of teaching us what it is in store for us. We learn by making mistakes, by falling again and again. But we learn and go strong. So this is good. When you accomplish a single little thing, do this.

Take a short break. Thank God. Be happy at what you just achieved. Think about the process you go through and hurdles you faced while trying to achieve it. When I accomplish some task, I take a short break, thank God and feel happy. This is very important. Sometimes we go on and on and exert more, worry more so achieve less.

Take breaks between tasks or things to do. Do not over burden you.

In the process of achieving financial freedom, there comes a time when you want to relax for a while and look back at what price you paid for this journey. But you know, when you are enjoying little success and relaxing, stretching, then its time to get ready to move towards the next stage.

Take breaks, but short breaks. Speed up the process of doing things you are good at. Try to find ways to bring Income Stream from multiple different ways.

You will get there what you desire for. It takes many mistakes, worries, struggle, panic, loss and sacrifices to achieve financial freedom you want. Nobody gets there in a single try. There are trials. Do it again and again. Keep doing it. Never get back. Never loose your heart. Follow your passion.

I have observed, whatever you accomplish, there comes another task difficult from before. New task. New challenge. Life will always surprise you. Get used to it. Accept it. Accepting things as they are, will make you strong and build up energy in you to fight back.

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