Apple – Get a Mac – 40 plus Funny Commercials

by roshi on April 25, 2009

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Lets have some fun with Operating Systems. Apple MAC VS Microsoft Windows. No offense to Windows users or Microsoft but this is just for fun. I myself use Windows Vista and now Windows 7. A lot of people say that Windows Vista was not a success but I say that they just could not adopt and follow the trend. If you get used to it and know some tricks then Windows Vista is a right operating system for anybody. For tips and tricks on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 visit TechMynd. Here we are going to watch some funny ads on the subject of “Get a MAC”. These are really entertaining. I have collected more then 40 most funny commercials on this subject. Enjoy!

Apple – Get a mac – Time Machine

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Biohazard Suit

Legal Copy – Get a Mac

Apple Ad Stacks

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Time Traveler

Don’t Give Up on Vista Ad

Get A Mac: Knocking

“Get a Mac” accident

Apple – Get a mac – Group

Vista – The Party is over Mac Ad

Get a Mac – Office Stress

Apple – Get a mac – Breakthrough

Apple – Get a mac – Misprint

Apple – Get a mac – PR lady

Apple – Get a mac – Choose a vista

Mac Vs PC (Restarting)

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Pizza Box

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Song – Vista Blues

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Off The Air

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: V Word

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Calming Teas

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Bake Sale

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Bean Counter

Get a mac throne

Apple Get a Mac Ad: Podium

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: “Tech Support”

MAC vs PC – Box

Apple – Get a Mac – Surgery

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: “Goodwill”

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Pep Rally

Get a Mac ad with Gisele Bundchen

Mac ads – Networking

Mac Vs Bloated PC

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Yoga

Apple Slams Microsoft in Mac Ad: Happy New Year

Get a Mac – Vista Vs Mac – Security – New Mac Add

Get a Mac – Feat. Mr.Bean

Apple Mac Ad: “Work vs. Home”

Apple Mac Ad: “Computer Cart”

Get A Mac New Ads 09 – 4 ads

15 short Ads Mac vs PC

15 funny apple ads

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