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by roshi on September 26, 2010

in Aquarium

I have this new hobby of mine for quite some time now and I would like to share with you all what I learn about how to keep fish and maintain your aquarium. You can find all the posts related to fish and aquarium in the aquarium category of RecipeApart. What you will learn in this section consists of the following:

Fish Selection

Lots of valuable information about how to pick healthy, vibrant and most importantly compatible fish for your aquarium…

Aquarium Set-Up

See how to effortlessly setup a thriving Tropical aquarium, freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium which will actually work and help your fish live longer!

Aquarium Substrate and Decoration

Learn lots of handy hints to beautifully aquascape your aquarium! Learn about substrate, gravel and the right decorations for your aquarium.

Lighting and Temperature

Learn how to get the most effective lighting setup to enhance your aquarium experience and what temperatures are best to have you Tropical leading healthy and long lives…

Feeding, Filtration

Learn the most popular mistake in fish feeding and discover new and revolutionary Filtration Techniques!

Water Quality, Fish Health

Understand the biological and chemical impact of water quality and learn how to recognize health problems with your fish and how to treat each disease effectively!


Learn how to breed your own wonderful Tropicals and make some extra cash!

and lot more… Just browse through the aquarium category of RecipeApart and learn valuable information which will help you keep your aquarium healthy and your fish happy.

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