Aquarium Cleaning to Using Activated Carbon and Ceramic Rings in Filter – 25+ Videos

by roshi on December 12, 2010

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Following is step by step whole process of cleaning aquarium, aquarium water change process and using activated carbon and ceramic rings in aquarium internal filters and all. Normally you will find a single video on this one but here I have collected 25+ videos for you of this whole process. As messy and dirty as it can be. Prepare for a messy day and hope for best. I will introduce you to the equipment you will need and all. Its the best I could do. You have to check it out.

My aquarium was getting dirty again and again with algae problems and cloudy water conditions and then I started to clean everything in aquarium and clean the filters and then use activated carbon and ceramic rings to keep best water conditions in aquarium. So here it is.

0 – Preparing activated carbon and ceramic rings for aquarium filter

Keep activated carbon and ceramic rings in water for few minutes. Make sure activated carbon is not making water color black. Wash these two several times and then let these be in water for some time.

1 – What You need for aquarium cleaning

You need a syphon, tub, mug, cleaning brush etc. for aquarium cleaning process.

2 – Aquarium before cleaning

If your aquarium is yellowish or giving your some kind of blurry look, and fish are not visible properly then its time to clean that tank.

3 – Wrong way of removing aquarium filter

Do not remove the aquarium filter this way. Keep a tub near you or place a separate mug beneath the filter while you take it out from water. It will make water dirty while you take it out of water.

4 – Aquarium filters and light removed from aquarium

Remove everything from the aquarium, e.g. aquarium submersible lights, fake plants, toys. Let fish remain in there. I do tank cleaning with fish inside of aquarium.

5 – Removing aquarium filters and plants

Remove aquarium filters, toys and plants but do not remove air pump and heaters yet because you gonna need them.

6 – Removing aqaurium toy

7 – Kuhli loach escapes while aquarium cleaning

Funny thing happened while I took the filters out of aquarium. Kuhli loach came with the aquarium filters or aquarium toy. It came in the tub. I noticed it and it gave me really hard time to transfer it back to aquarium.

8 – Air flow in aquarium after aquarium filters removal

Alright. When you have removed all the stuff, turn on the air pump and put the aquarium on temporary air flow for oxygen. Turn on the heater. Now proceed to the cleaning process of things you removed from aquarium.

Break everything into pieces and thoroughly clean everything with hot water. Simple as it is.

9 – Filters cleaning starts 1

10 – Filter 1 cleaned 2

11 – Cleaning aquarium moonlight

12 – Cleaning aquarium fake plants

13 – Cleaned aquarium plants

14 – Sorting aquarium plants

15 – Sorting aquarium fake plants 2

16 – Aquarium filters and fake plants cleaned

17 – Aquarium filters and plants cleaned 2

You can see all the stuff broken apart into pieces, all good and cleaned.

18 – Using activated carbon and ceramic rings in cleaned aquarium filters

Now this is important. Watch this video carefully. Remember we prepared activated carbon and ceramic rings in the beginning. Time to grab those and put some of these in aquarium filters. These ceramic rings and activated carbon will make the water clean, clear and remove water smell.

All cleaning done. Now go back to aquarium and turn off air pump and heaters. Time to move dirty mess outside.

19 – Syphoning aquarium

Use syphon to remove dirty mess from the top layer of gravel.

20 – Installing aquarium filters 1

Install aquarium filters.

21 – Installing aquarium filters 2

22 – Adding freshwater – Water Change

Yep! I removed some water and added fresh water in the aquarium. Fish won’t like it but its a temporary stress.

23 – Water change and running cleaned filters

During water change run aquarium filters when the water level is sufficient.

24 – Aquarium water change almost done

Water is almost up to the level. Turn on the heaters as well. Make sure you are safe from electricity while doing it.

25 – As good as new aquarium 1

26 – As good as new aquarium 2

After two hours

Now look at the final look of fresh aquarium after cleaning is done.

Good like new right? All fish survived during and after the process. You just have to be a little bit careful doing all this. That’s it.

Comments/feedback appreciated.

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