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by roshi on September 24, 2010

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When you get aquarium, make sure to buy couple of good aquarium filters because you gonna need them more than anything for your fish tank. Aquarium filtration is very necessary to maintain clean and fresh water which is necessary for fish health. Before you even buy an aquarium do some sort of research and find out what are the essential requirements to maintain clean and fresh water for aquarium and you will find that aquarium filters are the most essential tools your aquarium gonna need. You don’t wanna lose your fish, right? You are going to spend money or you already have and you want your fish to grow and remain healthy. Even if you already have filter for your aquarium, do research and find out what other people are using. Chances are that your old filter which came with the aquarium is not suitable or enough to keep aquarium the healthy and clean. Let me share some important information with you and videos which will help you get the best filters for your aquarium.

Why Aquarium Filter is Necessary?

First thing first: Why you need filter for aquarium?

  • To keep aquarium water clean and fresh
  • To keep remaining food particles spoiling or make water toxic for fish
  • To maintain beneficial bacteria growth under gravel
  • To keep water from being stagnant
  • To maintain healthy oxygen flow inside the fish tank
  • More clean aquarium = more visibility and happy fish

and so on….

There are many types of aquarium filters but most important and essential are the under gravel filter and internal filter. Internal filter keeps the water clean and catches all waste material from the water inside it. Under gravel filter sucks down the waste particles from water to the basement of the aquarium – towards the gravel and then under gravel towards the filter where the good bacteria grow using these wastes (fish wastes, ammonia) and these bacteria keep your fish tank clean by eating all the wastes. If these wastes accumulate in the water of fish tank then fish will die because ammonia or fish wastes are harmful for fish itself. So Under gravel filter sucks down waste material in the gravel and down the filter and keep them there which helps clean water and the waste material is used by bacteria eventually converting it to nitrates and nitrites which will eventually become harmless for fish. These bacteria need a good under gravel filter to grow. More good gravel filter > more good bacteria growth > more clean water > safe fish. This is nitrogen cycle. This all is necessary to keep fish alive and healthy and water clean.

So these two are necessary. Under Gravel filter catches wastes and the remaining wastes are caught up by the internal filter.

Under Gravel Aquarium Filter System

A good under gravel system consists of a plastic made frame with holes in it – kind of. At the end of it there is a pipe in which you put the pipe from the power pump or whatever which creates bubbles. See below.

freshwater-aquarium-gravel-filter-setup-1 (10)

Aquarium Internal Filter System

freshwater-aquarium-gravel-filter-setup-1 (25)

This is submersible internal filter which will collect remaining water wastes and will result in clean water.

Click at the link below to see the procedure of installation of these two filters.

Under Gravel Filter and Internal Filter for Aquarium – Installation

Be careful while installation, if you will remove all the water and gravel from the tank to install these, you will disturb beneficial bacteria from the gravel and the aquarium cycle will have to be started again and it can take time and your fish can die. So get filters before you buy fish and prepare fish tank with filters and do the cycle before adding the fish in tank.

Different Types of Aquarium Filters

Following video will show you different types of filters for your aquarium.

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