Fish Selection For Your Aquarium

by roshi on September 26, 2010

in Aquarium

I used to believe that if we put together different species of fish in the same fish tank they will get used to it and live together happily but that’s not true. There are two facts you should know about before buying fish for your aquarium:

  • If any fish can hold another smaller fish in his mouth, he will go for it, even its Goldfish. Goldfish will also eat smaller fish.
  • Younger the fish tank mates, more compatible. As they grow older they start to become less compatible with other tank mates in it.

The whole purpose is to choose your favorite fish and give em’ maximum possible opportunity and environment to grow so that you can enjoy watching em’ move around in the aquarium. If you are not careful about choosing fish for your aquarium, your fish will end up in fighting and killing each other. Keep atleast two aquariums. One aquarium for compatible fish which live together with peace and the second one for fish you are not sure about and watch his moves and aggression level. The aquarium with different fish species in it is called as community tank.

Always do a research before you buy particular fish. Read about its habits, personality, behavior, aggression level etc. Some fish live alone and are very territorial e.g. flowerhorn. More examples of monstrous evil fish are Gourami, Arowana, Peacock Bass, and Piranha. If you want to keep any of these fish, then buy a really large fish tank, get ready to feed them meat and to tell you the truth they are waste of time. They will try to dominate all the aquarium and will eat anything that tries to swim and can fit into their mouths. Piranha can cut off your finger or even whole hand, if you try to hand feed him. Yes! They attack anything near them.

Anyways choose your fish tank mates wisely and please do not feed fish the other fish. Let the natural cycle be in rivers. In home aquariums keep fish that is colorful and peaceful.

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