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by roshi on December 19, 2010

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freshwater-aquarium-clam-closed (1)

Got aquarium? Want to keep a nice clam? Let me share photos, videos and info related to clam based on my own experience. Many guys buy clam and keep that in aquarium and then they go to check out articles about how to take care of a clam. Then they read that its a good animal that cleans aquarium water and adds beauty to it but it can kill all your fish. There is lot of articles online declaring that clam won’t tell you before and after it dies and you will know when its too late. When clam dies, the aquarium water gets a lot of ammonia and gets poisonous for all the fish in it and so all the fish eventually die the same day and you won’t have time to rescue your fish after clam dies… Lets explore…

I will tell you in big details, right!

Its a slow and shy animal. In common person language its got a white tongue which it will stick outside if there is no disturbance around it. Clam slowly opens its shell and comes out a little bit. Then its tries to dig in the gravel or aquarium substrate to be safe. It will move so that its shell remains outside while animal in it will try to hide in the gravel. The animal can’t leave shell because its a part of its body.

About the food, in my opinion it should be able to get the food from water and gravel. When the clam dies, you won’t know obviously because it remains still many hours usually. Its movements are slow and unnoticeable. If a clam has hidden itself in the gravel then you won’t know whats its doing? is it alive or not? etc. But in many cases you will know. Just remember that an opened clam which is unable to close is shell is dead. Normally clam will keep its shell closed and will come out as required.

Allow me to share some few pics then videos of clam.

Closed Clam

freshwater-aquarium-clam-closed (2)

freshwater-aquarium-clam-closed (3)

freshwater-aquarium-clam-closed (4)

freshwater-aquarium-clam-closed (5)


Opened Clam

opened-clam 1


opened-freshwater-clam (1)

opened-freshwater-clam (2)

opened-freshwater-clam (3)


Closed Clam Videos

Opened Clam Videos

Above was the final position which a clam attain in order to remain hidden in the gravel for its safety.

More Clam Videos

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallons
Water Conditions: 65-85° F (18-29° C), pH 6.5-8.0, KH 8-10

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