Aquarium Water Tests

by roshi on September 24, 2010

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aquarium water test kits

You can not guess what is happening to your fish if they are dying or sick unless you have Aquarium Water Test Kit and know how to use it. Most important and common aquarium water tests include tests of pH, Nitrite, water hardness and Ammonia. There are many chemical tests that you can run on your fish tank including:

  • Ammonia test
  • Nitrite test
  • Nitrate test
  • Salinity / Specific Gravity test
  • pH test
  • Carbonate Water Hardness test
  • Alkalinity test
  • Chlorine and Chloramine test
  • Copper test
  • Phosphate test
  • Dissolved Oxygen test
  • Iron and Carbon Dioxide test

These aquarium water test kits individually are expensive. You can save a few dollars by getting a Master Test Kit. These master test kits will be sufficient usually for everybody but live plant keepers and saltwater reef tank keepers will need to buy additional specialized mini test kits for copper, phosphate, dissolved oxygen, etc.

Aquarium test kit can be Dip Strip. Dip the strip in a test tube filled with aquarium water and compare the color with the card that came with the kit to get your reading for each test.

The other type of test kit has liquid droppers. Dispense the liquid (few drops) into a test tube filled with fish tank water. Shake the tube and wait a few minutes for the test to develop. Match the color of the water in the test tube against a test card to get your final reading.

There are Electronic Testers available in the market as well

How to Test Aquarium Water

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