Are you A Geek? Who Qualifies for A Geek?

by roshi on December 18, 2007

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The definitions of a geek can be: A carnival (fair) performer who does disgusting acts. A person with an unusual or odd personality. A knowledgeable and obsessive computer enthusiast. We are talking about the computer geek here. Do you qualify as a computer geek? Following are some points. Not all apply to all geeks.

  1. Geek’s Environment
    Does your room’s major part possesses a specific section for computer and accessories?
    Is your room most of the time messy? Computer CDs, Magazines and PC stuff scattered all over around?
    Wallpapers in room represents Tech theme?
    Anybody can look at your room and can tell that you are a computer lover?
    Is PC near your bed?
  2. Geek’s Conversation
    Is your conversation style is Tech lingo?
    Do you say LOL instead of having a laugh most of the time?
    Do you recommend or refer to online things, downloads and stuff most of the time to others during conversation?
    When infront of PC, you talk without loosing your gaze from PC.
  3. Geek’s Social Life
    Is your social life limited?
    Do you meet your relatives rarely?
    If you go to your relatives you use their computer?
  4. Geek’s PC Life
    Is your computer most of the time on? Irrespective of the fact that you are using it or not.
    Do you have extra PC accessories, Extra Rams, CD Roms, Hard Disks, USB Flash Drives etc.
    Does your computer remain up-to-date with latest softwares, hardware, OS?
    Do you have lots of wallpapers/icons/themes collection in your PC.
    Do you have lots of links about online resources and websites.
    Do you put head phones on while working at PC?
    Do you search for tutorials and resources most of the time?
    Do tea or coffee turn you on while your are working at your PC with it?
    Do you join communities and visit some of them regularly?
    Does your messenger contains mostly computer guys emails instead of girls?
    Do you comment a lot in blogs, forums, communities?
    Do you have a website which you visit and update regularly?
    Do you love computer tips and tricks?
    Do you like to tweak your computer settings and stuff?
    Do you use short keys mostly instead of mouse?
    Have your PC lots of softwares installed?
    Whether your computer is at totally classic theme and options or your computer is loaded with rich graphics and advanced navigations and stuff?
    You don’t know about all the files in your PC? I mean you copy data a lot and randomly and don’t find time to sort these.
  5. Geek’s Personal Life
    Limited to computer? Even you ignore sometimes other daily stuff to do.
    Do many of your daily tasks remain as these are because you don’t get time to accomplish them due to excessive computer usage?
    Your family, friends or relatives consider you always infront of your PC. When somebody wants to find you; He thinks that you will be with your PC.
    Do you take dinner, lunch or breakfast infront of PC.
    Do you chat and email a lot?
    Do you have blogs/websites?
    Do you enjoy when you are infront of your PC even you are not doing anything?
    Do you suffer from sleep disorder?
    Do you remain awake till late at night infront of your computer.
    You are not careful towards your dress, if you are far from your family? (I mean while with family, someone can get the things ready for you. Real test is when you are little far from family and have to do stuff by yourself.)
    Do you carry a USB Flash Drive most of the time?

If some of above qualities apply to you then you are a computer geek for sure.

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