ATM Robberies in Pakistan – Videos

by roshi on August 11, 2010

in Video Stream

There are cameras near ATM machine but the cameras can not protect you from being robbed. Before using ATM machine make sure you lock the door or ATM cabin after getting inside. Do not go near ATM machine alone. Bring a friend or family member with you before using ATM. Make sure you never let anybody else enter in the ATM cabin while you are using the ATM machine. Look around before using ATM and make sure there is no suspicious looking person around. Do not use ATM when you are the only person near ATM and make sure you go near ATM in day time and with enough crowd of people around you. There is risk involved in using ATM. Try to use cheque instead of ATM when its possible. Never and ever go around ATM machine in night time.

ATM Robbery at Gun Point

Karachi ATM Robbery

Old man was robbed near ATM machine at gun point.

Killing Near ATM Machine

Evil man killed a NAVY officer during withdrawal of cash from an ATM Located at Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi Pakistan.

ATM Machine was Disappeared

The ATM machine of HBL Bank got disappeared, there was 27 lacs and 50 thousands rupees in the ATM and the complete ATM machine was disappeared at night with other censors and camera.

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