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audi-logoAUDI AG, is a German car manufacturer which produces cars under the Audi brand, (pronounced /aˈʊdi/). The name Audi is based on a Latin translation of the last name of the founder August “Horch”, itself the German word for “hear.” The company traces its origins back to 1899 and August Horch. The first Horch automobile was produced in 1901 in Zwickau. In 1909, Horch was forced out of the company he had founded. He then started a new company in Zwickau and continued using the Horch brand. His former partners sued him for trademark infringement and a German court determined that the Horch brand belonged to his former company. August Horch was barred from using his own family name in his new car business, so he called a meeting at the apartment of Franz Fikentscher to come up with a new name for his company. During this meeting Franz’s son was quietly studying Latin in a corner of the room. He suggested, “Father – audiatur et altera pars… wouldn’t it be a good idea to call it audi instead of horch?”. “Horch!” in German means “Hark!” or “listen”, which is “Audi” in Latin (compare audible). The idea was enthusiastically accepted by everyone attending the meeting.

Lets meet Audi…

Audi R8 Glorious Comercial

Audi R8 Movie

Audi TT

AUDI Elvis Presley

I love this commercial. One of my favorites.

Audi Commercial – 25 Years of Quattro

Audi Quattro Skijump

Funny Audi Commercial

2006 Audi RS4 Saloon Television Commercial

Audi RS4: Emotions Commercial

Audi Quattro S1 – “Would You Love The Monsterman”

Audi Commercial Promoting Diesel

Hearing Is Believing – Audi A4

Audi TTS Commercial

The 2009 Audi R8

AUDI TV Commercial

Audi TT – Pure Energy

Audi – Progress is Beautiful

Audi’s sales are growing strongly in Europe. 2004 marked the 11th straight increase in sales, selling 779,441 vehicles worldwide. Record figures were recorded from 21 out of about 50 major sales markets. The largest sales increases came from Eastern Europe (+19.3%), Africa (+17.2%) and the Middle East (+58.5%). In March 2005, Audi built its first two dealerships in India following its high increase in sales in the region.

Their 2007 worldwide sales have been released as 964,151 vehicles sold, yet another record for the brand. In 2008, Audi has achieved the 13th record year in a row passing the 1 million unit mark with 1,003,400 sold units.

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Audi Home
Audi at Wikipedia

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