Benefits Of Wearing Socks

by roshi on December 25, 2008

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Why we wear socks? After all, they are not exactly the most visible item of clothing. Socks are very useful for absorbing the sweat produced by the feet.

Thick socks, thin socks, cotton socks, wool socks, long socks, short socks, fun socks, and medical socks, you name it there is a sock for it. They also make great gifts if you’re stuck for ideas at Christmas and birthdays.

There are many benefits of wearing socks.

  • Feet look colorful, beautiful.
  • Feet remain protected from dust and moist and remain clean.
  • You remain 50% safe from cold by just wearing socks, in winter.
  • Socks stop your shoes from stinking up and rotting.
  • Keep feet warm.
  • Absorb sweat from the feet.
  • Socks also make nice puppets.
  • Socks prevent fungi to grow on your feet which absorb lot of moisture sometimes.
  • Socks help keep the feet soft too which can prevent cracking.
  • Socks stop your feet from stinking up the room.
  • Socks prevent the sweat from going on the floor and the average foot has 250,000 sweat glands and the average pair gives off about half a pint (almost 250mL) of perspiration per day.
  • Socks ease chafing between the foot and footwear (shoe).
  • They come in all different colors.
  • They come in different fabrics and some are so soft you can hug them.
  • They give you comfort.
  • Socks make great cheap gifts.
  • Socks can give you confidence.

Rainbow socks
Socks for summer
Child’s socks

Do you like to wear socks? Want to say something?

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