Car Under Water – Submersible Rinspeed sQuba

by roshi on February 17, 2008

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Now I do not think that everyone of you is aware of this amazing car. I defy anyone to look at these pictures of this sQuba concept without inadvertently humming the James Bond theme tune.

Always to be relied upon to introduce to the world a car that no-one needs but everyone secretly wants, the, shall we say esoteric, Swiss firm Rinspeed has outdone itself with its new submersible concept, to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

The car/boat/sub/whatever houses three electric motors; one which provides motive power on land and one for each of the twin screws which propel it through the water. These are supplemented by two Seabob water jet units which sit in carbon fibre pods flanking the front wings and aid manoeuvrability. On dry land handling is taken care of by a KW Automotive stainless-steel coil-over suspension set up and 18-inch alloys wearing Pirelli tyres. It can even drive itself to the beach, thanks to a sophisticated laser sensor array.

Read more and view screenshots of Submersible Rinspeed sQuba

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