Alright, if you have just got a smart phone and are wondering how to get internet going at your mobile device then here is all you need to know. Internet GPRS, edge or access point settings for mobile device. I have got an HTC and I would like to share how its done at this […]

If you use wateen internet services then you need to contact them often to resolve internet connection problems. They tell you to empty cache and temp files and then clear SSL state and empty browser cache and restart the device etc. Good news is, you can resolve internet connection problems yourself now. All wateen internet […]

After Apple – Get a Mac – 40 plus Funny Commercials, we have got three more new ads by Apple MAC. The cool one is ‘elimination’ inwhich MAC shows PC’s inability to resist OS crashes and virus problems. Have a look.

Lets have some fun with Operating Systems. Apple MAC VS Microsoft Windows. No offense to Windows users or Microsoft but this is just for fun. I myself use Windows Vista and now Windows 7. A lot of people say that Windows Vista was not a success but I say that they just could not adopt […]

Whenever you join the software house you should be prepared for this attitude of your Project manager. He will be acting with you in this particular manner. When you join the Project “Please don’t hesitate to come to me any time for any technical or domain help”


IT Evolution, 1990 – 2008