Cloudy Water, Dust Particles in Aquarium – Solution

by roshi on October 5, 2010

in Aquarium

Have you ever noticed cloudy, dusty, dirty water in aquarium? Little particles hanging in aquarium water? Or even yellow water in aquarium? Beginners will see these problems with their aquariums more than experienced fish keepers. A friend of mine told me that its due to air pollution because water air pump takes air and creates bubbles in water and it takes pollutants from air and mix them in water…That’s not right. Some say that when you add chemicals for water treatment then such problem occurs. That is also wrong. Why beginner will see these problems with his aquarium? Here is why:

Causes of Dirty Cloudy or Yellow Water in Aquarium

  • Two many fish in small fish tank (stocking)
  • New fish tank – not cycled
  • Not enough bacteria in the gravel to use ammonia produced by fish
  • Fish wastes or ammonia in water
  • Not enough water changes


Avoid these situations to avoid problems mentioned above. Do not put too many fish in aquarium. e.g. Single Goldfish needs 10 gallons of water or aquarium space. Keep the adult fish size in mind while purchasing fish. Goldfish produce a lot of waste and ammonia. Ammonia is also excreted from gills of Goldfish. Goldfish will need more water changes. Keep water clean. Do water changes regularly. Small water changes after 2 days are better then major water changes after week or month. First cycle fish tank and then buy fish and put in it. Go slow. If your aquarium water is dirty, keep doing water changes regularly until its set. Do not over feed fish. More food > more fish waste > more water problems > need more water changes.

Buy liquid test kit for ammonia, nitrate and nitrite and check ammonia levels in water. Ammonia level should be zero for healthy fish and aquarium.

If you have lot of fish then return your fish to the store and do a fishless cycle. Cycling means that your aquarium filter is building up enough beneficial bacteria to support your fish. When there is not enough bacteria, such as in new or overstocked tanks, fish live in toxic chemicals that can kill them, give them diseases and/or shorten their lifespans. Water becomes cloudy when fish tank is not cycled and/or has too many fish.

Make sure that your tank is cycled. Get an API Master Test Kit and test your water for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.

Your readings should be 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrites, and 10-20ppm nitrates.

Until your parameters reach the desired levels, do daily 20% to 50% water changes.

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