Coca Cola and Levis Jeans Were Result of a Mistake

by roshi on January 5, 2010

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Sometimes mistakes pay you off well and can make you rich. Never hesitate to make mistakes. From mistakes we learn new things and sometimes they turn out to be the source of next great billion dollar idea. Two of the most successful products of the last 100 years, Coca Cola and Levis Jeans were both mistakes. Coca Cola and Levis jeans were not made purposefully. These were results of mistakes from their creators.

Coca Cola was originally a not very effective headache syrup developed by an enterprising pharmacist named ‘John Pemberton‘. When he caught a couple of stock boys mixing his new syrup with water and drinking it in the back of his shop, he tested it and realized that if he mixed it with soda water, it turned out to be something that people would be willing to pay for.

As for blue jeans, they were developed when a would-be gold prospector named ‘Levis Strauss‘ traveled to San Fransisco with merchandise he planned on selling to raise money to buy a stake in a mine. He failed to sell two large rolls of blue tent canvas. So he hired a local tailor to make overalls out of the tent fabric and brass rivets. The demand for his new, sturdy trousers was so great he never did go looking for gold again.

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