Sometimes Deficiency is Good

by roshi on June 15, 2011

in Inspirational

Deprive yourself from something for short time if you want to know the importance of what you have. We get so much used to of what we already have got and forget to say grace. Only when we loose something, we realize its importance. We experience a lot of electricity load shedding in our country. I have got the UPS and the power generator so my work does not get interrupted. Recently I was sitting in my bedroom while I was watching a movie, power failed. I was using my laptop and movie was funny and I did not went for the power generator to turn it on for electricity alternative – even after when UPS died. Just then I had this amazing feeling.

It came into my mind that I am so much blessed. When power fails, I have got the power generator and the UPS. I almost forgot entirely that I am blessed with these resources while many people in the country suffer during power failure. Yet sometimes I feel that I am unlucky. That is because I am so much used to of my luxuries that I take my luxuries as necessities. I get disturbed when my gadgets go out of order. We are so much used to of our easy life.

So when the UPS died I let myself sit there without fan and just thought that I can just go and turn on the power generator. Its such an amazing feeling that I have got a little problem but God has blessed me with the solution.

Many many many times we get this feeling that our achievements are few and we are unlucky. We could do better. This leaves us unsatisfied, dry and low about our lives. But why not give ourselves a break – do a little experiment and deprive ourselves from something good for short period.

You will realize that you are a blessed person. The problem is only with your thinking. You always crave for more. What you have is already a part of your life and is not important to you. So think about what you have and not about what you do not have. This will make you feel more happy and you will be thankful for your life and for what you have.

Stay blessed!

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