Discipline and Management

by roshi on December 22, 2008

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Discipline and Management. How to do more in less time?


Discipline: Doing right things at right time.
Management: Doing right things.

Discipline is a tool of management. First comes Personal Management which invokes Self Development. Then comes Work or Daily Tasks Management. Different people have different approaches to handle tasks. We manage things in daily life consciously or unconsciously. There are two approaches people handle tasks.

  • Some people first scatter the matters and then manage these. They work at more then one task at a time.
  • Some people organize the work or tasks first, give it a sequence and then they work. They do it one by one. Single task in one time.

According to the figure above, Effective people do Not Urgent and Important tasks first. They spend most of their time in doing tasks in box 2. If we do not urgent and important tasks first then these will not become urgent and important. Before that effective people do not urgent tasks. If you will not handle not urgent first, it will become urgent.

Management is of many kind i.e.

Self Management: Managing your daily needs and requirements.
Time Management: Managing your time. Keep your work flow in harmony with time.
Money Management: Managing your expenditures.
Task Management: Managing your work.

Effective people build some kind of chart of above figure in mind or in personal diary and they update it as they go. If we manage time and things and keep Not Urgent Stuff at priority then it will all be good and we can manage our daily life.

Did it make sense? How you manage your routine life?

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