DIY Aquarium Fish Tank Requirements

by roshi on September 24, 2010

in Aquarium

Never start with a little fish tank. You will see that your fish will grow soon and you will even find an urge to get more fish. Its irresistible. You see a good fish and you want it in your home aquarium. Get bigger aquarium even its your first aquarium. I recommend more than 3 foot long or 80 gallons fish tank as your first tank and you will see that it will become even shorter for you. I made this mistake and bought my first aquarium with capacity of 22 gallons and its 2 foot long from front. The thing is, your fish will never grow better or feel better in small aquarium. If you have fish from different class, then the bigger aquarium and good pet toys become more essential. Aquarium Toys and plants offer hiding places for fish and they feel protected. Fish fight for territory. Fish chase each other. They nibble other fish. They form groups. If you are like me then you would like to keep goldies, bala shark, albino rainbow shark, tinfoil barbs, koi, pleco together. Who does not like multi-colors and different species together?

So here it goes: I have 22 gallons fish tank and 17 fish right now and I want to build a bigger aquarium.

I have plans to build an aquarium myself but I have few confusions.

My plan was to build aquarium of following specifications.

Length: 96 inches – 8 foot
Width: 24 inches – 2 foot
Height: 24 inches – 2 foot

About Width: 24 inches – 2 foot

They don’t recommend 2 foot width. They say do it 18 inches (one and half foot) otherwise the fish in that tank will not look properly. I mean visibility in 2 foot wide aquarium will be poor.

Glass Thickness

How much it should be? Should it be 8mm for above specifications?

I have modified my plans.

New specifications

Length: 72 inches – 6 foot
Width: 20 inches – More than 1 and half foot
Height: 30 inche – 2 and half foot
187 Gallons

Is this okay? or there is need to change something?

Glass Thickness

This is crucial. Is 8mm thick glass is okay for this one? Will it hold the water pressure?

And Will I have to create base using metal or wood will be fine? The base and the upper corners cover (wood or metal) will also provide support for the glass and will be able to hold extra pressure.

Should I use tempered glass (safety glass) or normal in aquarium?

Any more things that I should keep in mind to build aquarium?

I have asked this from you guys because there would be experienced fellow in keeping fish and building aquariums. I am doing a bit of research and I will share with you guys that what I came up with and I will post the whole process of building at this site with images.

Comments? suggestions? Experiences?

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