DIY Aquarium Moonlight

by roshi on October 24, 2010

in Aquarium

DIY aquarium moonlights videos

Moonlight is blue. Is moonlight really blue? When we talk about aquarium moonlight, its blue. Aquarium Blue light is not for visibility in most cases but its for for some special cases. Consider aquarium blue light if you want to enjoy your aquarium at night time. There are some fish which come out of their hiding places in the night time and only if the aquarium is dark. These fish are called as Nocturnal Fish. Nocturnal Fish react to aquarium blue light. They seem to feel it okay to come out of their hiding place in blue lights. I have got Black Ghost Knife Fish and that fish is shy. My BGK fish hides all the day time in wood hole. I brought a submersible blue light and turned it on in the night and BGK fish came out and started moving in the aquarium. My BGK is not adult and more shy.

Back to the aquarium moonlights. If you want to observe nocturnal fish species or want to lit aquarium in night time then get some kind of moonlight for aquarium or DIY (Do it yourself). Hobby becomes more interesting when there is DIY involved. Blue light in aquarium at night time casts a mysterious and ghostly effect. Following videos will show you how to do moonlight for your aquarium. But mind it that there are types of aquarium moonlight.

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