DIY CO2 Generator for Planted Aquarium

by roshi on October 22, 2010

in Aquarium

co2 generator for planted aquarium

Do it yourself CO2 generator for your planted aquarium. CO2 is needed for rapid plants growth in planted aquariums. You need light, good substrate and CO2 for healthy plant growth in your planted fish tank. There are CO2 generators available in the market but why purchase it when you can do it yourself. And there are many ways to do it. Here are some safe ways to supply CO2 to your planted aquarium.

Create Carbondioxide Generator for Aquarium

The point is to take a bottle and add sugar in it and then dry yeast in it. Fill it with water. Leave some room for air. Shake it well. Insert a tube in that bottle via lid. Lid should be sealed and pipe or tube should be above water in the bottle and not in it. Now that tube should go in the aquarium. Place the bottle level above from aquarium. That’s it. Your custom CO2 generator for planted aquarium is ready. After couple of hours you will see the bubbles in the aquarium coming from that bottle. This generator will work for 2 week. Then you need to repeat the process. Watch the following videos to fully understand the whole process.

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