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by roshi on December 19, 2007

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Music (Upbeat, Trance, Psy-trance, Tribal-trance, Funky vibe, Loops, DJ mix) tracks lovers; MP3 high quality long sound tracks are available for download at official audio blog of DJ/Producer Eric Jordan. Very Fine Quality, Great Music. I like many tracks from Eric Jordan. Sometimes while working with design, programming and my stuff I listen these non-stop tracks. Here I will give some of links from Eric Jordan website. You can download huge collection of music from that website.

Download November Mix: “Blueprint (Mp3, 128MB, 1 hour & 33 minutes)
Download October Mix: “Evolver (Mp3, 130MB, 1 hour & 35 minutes)
Download September Mix: “Genesis (Mp3, 129MB, 1 hour & 34 minutes)
Download August Mix: “True North (Mp3, 163MB, 1 hour & 57 minutes)
Download July Mix: “Quest (Mp3, 148MB, 1 hour & 45 minutes)

Equinox, Shade & Aura, Aura, Beyond, Neuro, Second Sun, Syntax, Eclipse, Ultrasonic, Worlds Apart, Attractor, Sakura, Responder, Reflekto, Invisible, Glisten, Escalation and much more recordings are available. Check out DJ/Producer Eric Jordan’s official website for updates and more downloads.

DJ/Producer Eric Jordan Website – Neverrain

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