Everything Happens for Good

by roshi on May 10, 2011

in Inspirational

Whatever happens with us, happens according to God’s will and happens for our good. This is a proven truth which can be realized when we look back in the past. If there come obstacles in our way, these come to make us strong. Taking every happening optimistically also makes life easier to live and more enjoyable. Let us take an example of short inspirational story to prove how everything happening is good! Once there was a great king ruling at a big country. His people were happy with him. The king had his palace and everything. The vice president was very wise and King used to consult every important matter with him. The vice president had a habit of saying that “Whatever happens, happens for good and it happens according to the will of God.”

Vice president used to say this at every occasion and every incident. Once King was holding the sword in his hand and feeling its blade by his fingers. In a careless moment suddenly he got his one finger removed by the sharp blade of sword.
Out of his habit as usual the vice president said, “Whatever happens, happens for good and it happens according to the will of God”.

The king was annoyed by this and took it as his insult. After all, how a ripped finger can prove good for a king and why God would want to rip finger off from a King’s hand?

He threw the vice president in the dungeons. The vice president said the same again. He said that its what God wants and its good for him.

The king replied, “Lets see how this is good for you now!”

After few days, along with his best archers, king traveled to a deep jungle for hunting. Unfortunately, he found himself alone after few minutes of ride. His companions were left behind somehow.

Soon king found himself caught by jungle people (savages) who arrested him and brought him to their clan. Those jungle people wanted to burn king alive in fire and present this sacrifice in front of their Gods. They lit the fire up and began dancing around the king who was tied in ropes by them. The king really thought that there was no way to escape.

Suddenly one of those jungle people spotted king’s missing finger and told other people about it. They only used to give sacrifice of healthy people having no injury. They decided to leave the king alone because he was not fit for the sacrifice because of his missing finger.

King found his horse nearby and returned to the palace after a hard struggle.

He remembered the vice president words and thought that his missing finger has saved his life and so the vice president was right by saying that whatever happens, happens for good. He went to dungeons and freed the vice president. King told him about the whole incident and asked him, “So how this period in dungeons was good for you?”

Voice president said that if he would had been free and went to jungle with king then he would be the one who was going to be burnt alive by jungle people because the vice president horse never left kings horse alone ever. So the voice president was going to be caught by those jungle people and because he was fit and healthy without any injury so he was the person who was going to be sacrificed by those jungle people.

So God saved king from death by removing his one finger and He also saved the vice president by keeping him in dungeons.

That proved whatever happens, happens according to the will of God and happens for the good.

We can not understand what future holds for us. If we look in the past, we can understand why certain things happened in our life. So whatever happens, doesn’t matter if it is worst, take it as a God’s will and live with it.

God does not want bad things happen to you. He knows better and He does good whatever He does. He is the creator. He knows best.

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