Failure and When there is Nobody Around for You

by AJ on March 4, 2011

in Inspirational

Recently I faced a huge business loss. The fact is – you can not stop if there is going to be something bad happening to your business – not in all cases. Business progress graph goes up and down – sometimes it shoots upwards – sometimes you have to face downfall. Then you have to start over. Start from the scratch. Starting again is necessary because there is no other choice. You can not go find some quick solution. If you fall, it gonna take some time to become stable again. But that is a part of life. I have learned many times that its a part of life. In a movie I heard a businessman saying “I try not to get involved in my business and clients emotionally”. So we should. Business or your work is your living. But at the same time if you will take it emotionally, it gonna hurt every time you fail at something. You gonna fail that is for sure. Nobody can keep himself at the same level all his/her life. There are ups and downs. And this is not the worst part.

The worst part is, when you find yourself alone and there is nobody who may listen to you and/or encourage you to get up again. By getting up again I remember a movie – I like movie ‘Rocky’ very much. Rocky had a teacher ‘mickey’ who used to train him and encourage him in a harsh way. Watch here and here.

You need somebody to understand you without you saying anything. Whether you are happy or sad, if there is a person around you who can reach inside you and ask you about that, then you are the lucky person in this world. Normally nobody around you will notice about your inner state. When you fall or fail, then you need encouragement and somebody who may tell you to get up. Get up again and fight back.

Its been few days and I have recovered a lot from the shock but I feel like I will not be able to reach that point in short time again. And that thought made me kind of sick. I decided to go outside and just walk aimlessly. In the way I decided to visit my old flat where I used to live and spent many years of my youth in struggling to settle my own work. That was a small flat and when I visited that today, it looked more small to me. It was shabby like before. I remembered that I lived here and used to sit day and night infront of my PC and work harder to make a fortune for my family.

Now I am in a good state with family and no more bachelors life but here I was broken again. That flat lifted my spirits a bit. Then an old friend spotted me there and talked to me for a while. He advised me few things which are personal and I am not going to type those here. I then returned back and found myself a bit motivated and relaxed.

Gonna try those advices and get up again. If you ever fail then stop working or crying for a while, leave your work, go outside, meet really really old friends, visit old places where you once lived and then come back. You will feel better.

Its normal to fail again and again but its important to get up again. I have been asking many people and friends, “Do they fail sometimes.” The fact is, everybody fails sometimes but they will never tell you. So I am starting from scratch and starting it all again. Starting new things again in hope that these will be more better then I had before. We have no choice. If we fail, we have to get up again and try even harder to achieve abundance and success in life. And then ever failure teaches some important and valuable lesson. Failure is necessary for growth. Sometimes natures wants us to teach in a hard way. It means nature wants us to grow more. It means that there is more talent in you and you haven’t tried your best yet and the best is yet to come out of you. So give your best this time and take your best shot again.

Try try again!!! Fail but never sit back – Get up again!

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