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by roshi on September 28, 2010

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Goldfish fight as well. They fight for territory. Sometimes when you put new guys in the aquarium, some sort of aggression breaks out and old fish chases the new fish. Single tail fish e.g. comet or shubunkin goldfish can swim faster while Oranda, Lionhead, Fantails can not swim faster specially when they are bigger in size. Despite of the bigger size they will not the dominant and will try to hide from faster comet goldfish or shubunkin goldfish. This aggressive behavior can last one whole day when you add new fish or even several days. If fish fight, they can kill each other, they can damage organs, fins of target fish and harmful bacteria can grow in the fish tank because the attacker or victim fish can gain diseases from wounds and this can eventually kill all the fish in aquarium. In the following videos the Oranda and Lionhead were added later while shubunkin, comet and fantails were already in the aquarium. They all gave a very tough time to Oranda and Lionhead.

Specially if you are a beginner, you will attract towards different colors and species of different fish and try to maintain a community fish tank and will end up in loosing some of your favorite fish.

If this happens, you should rehome the new guys or aggressive one from that aquarium. You can wait one day and one night to get the aggression cool down but if the fish fight like every day then it is necessary to separate some fish from others or replace them. All the fish can not live together. Generally fast swimmers will tend to eat most of the food and attack other slow swimmers.

The above aquarium we have seen above established peace the next day. It took one whole day and a night to get fish used to each other and then they did not fight further. But this does not happens for every aquarium. Goldfish can bear other Goldfish more. Same species of fish have more tendency to live together in peace than different species.

Beginners should have two aquariums if this is your hobby as well. Keep one fish tank for fish that live in peace and second for the experiment.

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