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Here is the concept car designed by Walter De Silva on 50 years of Lambo celebration. 600 bhp, wrapped up in aluminium, carbon fibre and anti-radar material this is what Lamborghini new Egoista concept car looks like. Under the hood it has got 5.2-litre V10 from the Gallardo, tweaked to produce 600bhp. Exterior style is inspiration from an Apache helicopter. The cockpit can be ejected in emergency.

Body is made up of carbon fibre and aluminium, using aeronautical-spec antiradar material, and anti-glare glass too. Inside, there’s just a single racing seat with a four-point seatbelt, and a head-up display and steering wheel. And for the entrance, there isn’t a door, but a domed roof that flips open, meaning the driver must stand up in his or her seat.











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How Many Poses Does it Take to Get the Cover Shot – Video Fri, 18 May 2012 15:32:19 +0000

Models often receive low opinion being talked about that its all about little bit of Photoshop and pretty makeup. But Coco Rocha, proves that being a model actually takes real witty skills and lots of hard work. Its not all about the gorgeous face. Coco Rocha shots a one-minute video called “The Making Of A Cover Shot” to show us how many poses does it takes to get the cover shot.

She jumps, waves arms, flips her hair, so instinctively that one can only wonder that how does she do it so gracefully? Because she’s a good model. Modeling takes skills and she has it.

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Internet Safety – Top 10 Tips for Parents Tue, 26 Jul 2011 11:05:33 +0000

Internet safety for parents has become incredibly important with huge amounts of current generation’s time and energy being spent in the online world. Internet safety is of course incredibly important for us and our children so exercising proper caution is essential. With that in mind we have put together list of the ten best internet safety tips for parents.

  1. Keep computers in open space Keeping computers in an open space is essential to ensuring your child’s safety. If computers are in an open space your child will be much less likely to view inappropriate material or to engage in inappropriate behaviour. You will also be able to monitor your child’s activity without being invasive towards them.
  2. Supervise your children In line with the above supervising your children is essential at a younger age. Not only can you ensure that they are behaving appropriately but you can also use the opportunity to educate your child in internet safety.
  3. Manage your children’s privacy Managing your children’s privacy is essential to ensuring they do not become a target. Check their social network privacy settings and ensure their online accounts use high levels of security. Further encourage your child to use a pseudonym when engaging in online social activity so that their identity is further guarded.
  4. Encourage children to report inappropriate behaviour Making your child aware of what constitutes inappropriate behaviour is of curse a first step but you also need to make sure they know how to report such behaviour. Firstly of course (to you as a parent) but also online itself. In minor cases reports can be made to site owners and moderators and in larger cases the authorities. Making sure your child knows how to report such behaviour is essential in ensuring their safety.
  5. Be wary of who your children talk to online Making sure you are aware of whom your child talks to is essential to their safety and also you own reassurances. Making sure your child knows who to talk to is incredibly important to their safety and if they wish to meet someone they know online you should ensure that you are present for the duration of the meeting.
  6. Create online time limits Making sure that your child’s internet time is limited reduces their exposure but it also means they will differentiate between the offline and online world’s more effectively. In terms of your child’s wellbeing this is essential for proper social development and to prevent them seeking companionship in less secure ways.
  7. Teach children appropriate online behaviour Equally essential to online safety is teaching your child what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate behaviour online. This is just as important as other people’s behaviour towards them. Inappropriate behaviour can expose your child to unscrupulous individuals and you should make sure your child can clearly delineate between behaviours.
  8. Use family internet filters/software Using parental control software is a very good way to prevent your children from being exposed to inappropriate content. Parental control software prevents your child from accessing adult sites and inappropriate content and once installed runs itself. You can adjust the setting as well as being able to track your child’s internet use allowing you to spot potential pitfalls.
  9. Educate yourself Educating yourself is essential to keeping your child safe. The internet changes constantly and there are always new crazes, fads and regrettably threats. Familiarising yourself with the sites your child is most likely to use and updating yourself when new threats arise is essential to maintaining your child’s safety.
  10. Teach children privacy Privacy is the most important internet safety tip for parents that we can give. Teaching your children how to control their personal details, choose strong passwords and teaching them the information that they should never share with strangers is essential to keeping them safe. This should be the first and most often reinforced of all internet safety lessons.
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Why we are Often Attracted to the Wrong People Wed, 20 Jul 2011 07:19:39 +0000

What attracts us to people we know will inevitability hurt us? If you were to consider that fact that the current divorce rate in America is more than 50%, it’s clear that women and men are frustrated with the opposite gender. This trend is pushing people into re-arranging their priorities thus remaining single for longer and delaying marriage. In simple terms, both men and women are playing it safe opting to stay safe and single rather than trapped and sorry. Even though many men wonder why women are attracted to bad boys, the ladies cannot understand why it is that there’s simply not enough nice guys to go around.

It’s the women who hold the reputation over men for dating bad boys and playing with fire, although men really are equally to blame for dating bitchy girls. Why is it that loads of guys who are dating beautiful, thoughtful and sweet girls continue to cheat and walk all over their girlfriends?

Attraction is without doubt where it all starts, without attraction, there’s nothing. Without meaning to offend any of our readers, I’m compelled to share my true feelings as a way to cut straight to the reality for which this article is based on: “Nice people usually are not that attractive….”

Attraction is far more about looking good. Attraction is a combination of many things, first and foremost, confidence is the one element that typifies attraction. That being said, nine times out of ten it’s the cocky and arrogant types that ooze confident and sex appeal, and unfortunately, nice people simply do not fit this mold!

Ever noticed how all the hot guys and girls at school turned out to be just average later in life? It’s because these people cruised through their teens not having to bother about seeking attention. When these ‘once popular’ types venture into the real world, the dating game is completely different: It’s attitude and charisma that matters, that’s what gets attention in the real world!

Certainly there are plenty of good-looking, sweet and intelligent men and women out there however these types often get labeled as “complete packages” thus they are too good to be true or even fake. It’s human instinct to become insecure and threatened when someone of either the opposite or same sex appears to “have it all” It’s also human nature to need to find flaws in these “perfect packages” as a means to feel good about our own-selves.

Single people often find it necessary to question the reasons as to why a gorgeous stunning man or woman would be interested in them? “Why would someone like that be interested in me, there must be something wrong she must be a bit crazy.”

Both men and women can be guilty of making determinations too quickly. It’s for this reason that many men and women feel more comfortable dating people who are obviously less than perfect. It makes us feel like we are as equals, neither person is better than the other.

Don’t be too quick to become a skeptic when you meet an awesome person who is interested in a romantic connection.

If you can find a sensible balance between attraction, chemistry and self-worth, you’ll go a very long way in landing the person you truly deserve.

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Marriage Is All About Love, Not Loving the Idea of Being In Love Tue, 19 Jul 2011 00:26:52 +0000

If you are young and or un-initiated, you may think that marriage is all about love. Certainly popular culture would lead us to believe this: two people fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. The real world really isn’t so simple. Marriage is about love, but be careful that you don’t confuse loving “being in love” with real love.

Love Not Infatuation

One of the big mistakes that most couples make is mistaking mature love for infatuation. Sure, those giddy “I’m in love” feelings are wonderful; but they don’t last.  After all is said and done and the thank you notes have been sent, the real world starts to crash in.  If you mistake infatuation for love, you can have a real problem.

Real Life, Not A Fairy Tale

When the feelings of infatuation begin to wane, you may discover that you have some conflicts or disagreements with your spouse.  You may also discover that you have different tastes and different opinions.  To some people, these differences can be a huge threat.  Realize that your mate is not a carbon copy of you, but a separate human being.

Life Can Be Routine

Another thing that can really be a drag in relationships is the day to day chores that need to be done to keep the household running.  Movies and TV shows rarely show this during their love stories.  Little things like this can quickly put a damper on the fires of passion.

Don’t Compare

Resist the urge to compare your relationship with other relationships.  I had friends who would rate couples “cuteness” based upon how in love the seemed.  Ironically, most of the “cutest” couples that seemed so in love in public ended up getting divorced.  Apparently, many couples confuse love with loving the feeling of being in love.

What Can You Do?

Instead of looking to the media to define what love and marriage look like, talk to people who have been married for a while.  Ask them what they feel that marriage is all about.  Listen and learn from the wisdom that they share. Let’s face it, someone who has been married for 25 years knows a thing or two about marriage.

Last But Not Least

Evaluate your expectations about marriage to see if they really are realistic.  Adjust your expectations as necessary to avoid frustration and discontent and share your expectations honestly with your spouse.  Once you do these things, you will find that you have learned what marriage is really all about.

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Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012 – Risk of Technology Failure in 2012 Sat, 02 Jul 2011 14:42:12 +0000

Dr. Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physics Professor and scientists and author of “Physics of the Impossible” warns that there could be total technology failure in 2012. Its not about global warming. Its about solar storms. It happened back in 1859 and it can happen in 2012 again. After every eleven years, Sun releases a shock wave or some kind of radiation that can wipe out all the communication, GPS, weather satellites, internet, TV, cable, satellites from our planet. According to Nasa, “Super solar storms are coming in 2012. It could knock out all electricity and communication on the planet!

Scientists have found two large leaks in earths magnetosphere, the region around our planet that shields us from severe solar storms. With all the activity surrounding the Sun this surely will have consequences. The leaks are defying many of scientists previous ideas on how the interaction between Earths magnetosphere and solar wind occurs: The leaks are in an unexpected location, let in solar particles in faster than expected and the whole interaction works in a manner that is completely the opposite of what scientists had thought.

With the Sun about to go into Solar Maximum in 2012 and the Earth with a massive hole in it could be cause for alarm. Satellite Broadcasters should take head of this warning!

NASA has revised their prediction for solar maximum to now occur around mid-May of 2013.

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This is Sparta Funny Remix Video Tue, 21 Jun 2011 07:05:02 +0000

This is Sparta is a funny remix video of a character from the movie 300. Watch the funny remix music video ‘This is Sparta’.

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David After Dentist Remix Video Tue, 21 Jun 2011 06:46:55 +0000

David after dentist original video has got more than 93933224 views in which a 7 year old boy David had a tooth removed due to Hyperdontia (extra tooth). The video was taken in the parking lot of the dentist office. The boy was so out of it. This lasted for a few hours and he was fine. Now here is the remix video with 11318165 views. Watch the remix.

Original Video

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Charlie Bit Me – Remix Video Tue, 21 Jun 2011 06:40:24 +0000

This is a funny video in which charlie bites at big brother’s finger. ‘Charlie bit me’ video has got great hits and its been a viral video with more than 10748000 views. Watch the ‘Charlie bit me remix’ video that has already got 35053642 views so far.

Charlie Bit Me Original Video

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Job Survival How To and Why To Thu, 16 Jun 2011 21:14:49 +0000

Don’t get a job and run your own business. But then not everybody can afford to run a business. If all the people at planet start running businesses then barter system will return and there would be no labor work. If there is no labor work then small tasks can not be completed e.g. building houses, city cleaning etc. You get the idea – it is not possible for everybody to become a boss. There will always be bosses and employees. And of course not all the jobs are underpaid. Not all jobs are bad. There are jobs that provide financial security, health care facility, family insurance, bonuses, good salaries and more. There are better jobs. Doing job is not always easy. To do a job you have to be regular, punctual, become a Yes-Sir-Person, sacrifice your time in form of daily fixed hours and you have to make thousands of dollars for your boss to earn hundreds of dollars.

You have to meet targets. There is always a struggle. No freedom. No relaxation. No unannounced leaves. Much much much more. Still people do jobs. Some do it because they have to while some people are totally comfortable with it. For most job is a pain and continuous stress. If you have to do a stressful work, you can choose to be in stress and keep doing it by using your will power or you can make that stressful work, less painful to enjoy what you do. Or at least to get comfortable with it. There are ways you can follow to get comfortable with your job.

Follow these steps to make your work comfortable a bit.


Make your colleagues your good friends. Friends are people you can enjoy to hang out with. Try to get social with your colleagues and superiors. Help them. Establish a good relationship with co-workers from office boys to management team members. If you have friends in office, then you will enjoy spending time in office. You will wait to get up and go to office happily where your friends are. Work becomes fun when you do that with friends.

Make Your Environment Friendly

Arrange your desk for your comfort. If your family pictures comfort you and motivate you, get those at your desk. If flowers comfort you, get a nice flower pot or something containing flowers near by your chair or desk. It can be an ornament containing flowers. Get few books related to your work at your desk that will help you escape from work stress in free time and you can enjoy reading those books. You can keep something related to your hobby at your desk if that is allowed in office. Options are endless. Just think about how you can make your work space more comfortable, relaxing, beautiful and peaceful.

Work Rest Balance

Get proper rest. Do not burn out all the energies you have got. After office, forget about your work and give time to your family. enjoy free time. Relax, rest daily. Get proper night sleep from 6 to 8 hours. If you feel fresh, you won’t get exhausted in doing stressful work at office in day time.

Set Targets

Aimless working leads to nowhere. Expand your knowledge. Always concentrate on where this work can lead you. Set goals and targets and go for them. Search better job and explore where your profession can take you. Don’t just stuck there. Keep moving.

Get Breaks

Get leaves. Go out of station. Enjoy your leaves at home with family or take family to some enjoyable place. Enjoy dining outside. Play with your kids at home. Do not waste leaves. Plan what you will do with your free time during holidays. Make a list of what makes you happy and how you wanna spend your free time and go for it. Use all the free time to appreciate the relaxation of freedom. Get more rest in holidays.

And most importantly – Try to get a job you are passionate about and would love to do.

Did i miss something? Let me know in comments.

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