Finally a Stable Aquarium

by roshi on October 2, 2010

in Aquarium

Got two more Goldfish – Oranda and Lionhead – which are bigger then the others and I gave 5 fish back including red wag plat, two koi fish, one bala shark. The aquarium is pretty much in stable conditions now. You know you have to complete the nitrogen or ammonia cycle or whatever it is so that there are pretty much enough beneficial bacteria in the gravel before you expect your fish to remain happy in there. Following aquarium is a bit crowded but the ammonia cycle is complete now and I have to make the water changes per week because the aquarium is small as compared to fish in it. Aquarium is 22 gallons and in such aquarium only two goldfish are recommended. I am moving forward to build bigger aquarium really soon. Following are videos of my current aquarium and fish. I will be moving to have some more Oranda Goldfish. Oranda, Fantail and Lionhead are my favorite fish.

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