Fish Aquarium Will Take All of Your Available Time and Money

by roshi on November 16, 2010

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Having a hobby is pleasurable and easy. Pleasurable in the sense that you will spend some time enjoying it and do productive stuff. Easy in the sense that anybody knows what attracts him. You just close your eyes and can tell what you like to do. So its easy and pleasurable but if not managed, you can end up spending a lot of time and money in doing what you love. If its your business as well than its great. You will earn money from your hobby. If not a business than its pleasurable but it wastes money. Hobby should not affect your time. Hobby should not affect you money resources. It has been observed that if your business is your hobby than after sometime it will be only business because you will be starting to become conscious about money its generating and when this situation arises, it won’t be hobby anymore. You will eventually find some another hobby / entertainment for you. Fish keeping or having an aquarium is good. But seriously it sucks up a lot of your time and money resources. So do not do it if you are alone in the family inclined towards this hobby. Lets discuss the problem with fish aquarium hobby and its possible solution.

Aquarium / Fishkeeping a Problem

You will buy you first aquarium, turn it on and put some fish in it. It does not stop here. You will have to put food in it twice a day or atleast once. You will buy some regular fish food but with time you will want to feed your fish quality food. Quality food for fish is really really costly. And just food is not the only problem.

I bought my first fish aquarium. Put some goldfish in it. Later I started reading about fish. I was attracted towards reading about fish, their habits, different fish species and found that there are types of aquarium setups. e.g. coldwater aquarium, warmwater aquarium, tropical fish aquarium, pond fish aquarium, marine aquarium, saltwater aquarium, reef aquarium and so on.

I joined few fish forums and watched many videos at youtube about different fish species and different aquarium setups. There are DIY articles and videos everywhere. You can experiment with plants in aquarium. You can create your own CO2 diffuser for plants. You can raise worms for fish food. In the beginning I spent total 2 months indulged in this hobby. I saw videos and read articles about fish keeping and tried to implement those at my aquariums.

I bought another bigger aquarium. First one is 22 Gallons and second is 120 Gallons. I put more fish species in the bigger aquarium. Then I searched for desired fish in the best pet stores near me. I bought really costly fish species. Experimented with aquarium lights. Bought some good aquarium lights. Bought the quality food for fish. Some fish died in the process and I bought some more. You will easily be bored with same fish which do the same stuff daily and you would want any other fish that do something different to amuse you or your family / friends. You will have to monitor your fish aquarium in day and night several time. After all its got life in that.

Experimenting with lights, food, more fish, custom filters, DIY with fish tanks so on and so on…. This takes a lot of time and money resources. If you are into fish aquarium hobby than be aware that it can easily take all the time you have and all the money you have got. It can easily be an expensive hobby that will soon empty your pockets and ruin whatever you do to earn money.

There should be a balance in between hobby and other activities which you have to do. Time and money should be managed well. I have 2 fish aquariums right now and perhaps will get more. This is a critical situation for me. Let’s find some solution.

Possible Solution

I will address you and me. Its just a hobby. Hobby should entertain you in your leisure time and should not affect your time and money. Distribute time. Do not sit frequently in front of your aquarium. Infact lets prepare a list to manage time and money in hobby and other all day activities.

  • Don’t do it if your family is not cooperative. If family is cooperative than you can hand over few tasks to them.
  • Don’t sit frequently infront of fish aquarium. Decide time when you sit infront of aquarium. Do aquarium maintenance in the same time. Change water, set filters, feed fish at that time. Be it early in the morning or evening. Evening time is best. In the evening you will be free. Go sit near aquarium. Feed fish, change water if needed or set filters. The evening time is best feeding time for fish because its the evening and after feeding water is bound to be a bit cloudy which will become clear by night and the next day aquarium will be 100% clean again and you can enjoy clean view of aquarium all day long. Do water changes and aquarium cleaning at Sundays.
  • Do not feed fish twice, feed only once in 24 hours in that fixed time.
  • Keep two filters in aquarium. In case any filter stops or ceases to work, the other will cover it and you can set the faulty filter in your free time. You will have peace of mind because you know that you have got two filters running and you do not need to monitor aquarium filter to see if its working properly or not.
  • Keep in mind that you have kept the fish aquarium for your family, friends, relatives and also your leisure time. Your LEISURE TIME. More for them, less for you.
  • Do not put a lot of fish. Buy fish slowly. Let yourself enjoy what you have already. Buy new fish when old fish dies. Its fish, it is bound to die. Fish has less life than you.
  • Do not buy everything in single day. Buy new stuff once in a month for your aquarium. It includes new aquarium filters, wallpapers, more fish food, lights etc. It natural to think of upgrading lights, aquarium toys etc. Do one thing in a month and keep next thing for next month. There are many things to do with your aquarium and there is much to buy for your fish aquarium. One task a month. Go slow in buying.
  • Research and read about any new thing you wanna do with your aquarium before you do it. Consult other friends who are experts. Go slow.
  • Give less time to your fish aquarium. Once a day. Evening is ideal. Keep cleaning and water changes to Sundays.
  • Do not visit pet shops unless you have to because there will always be something new for you to pick whether you really want it or not.

Keep it a hobby. Only a hobby which you do in really free time when you have nothing else to do. Give 10% of your available time and money and believe me 10% is more than enough. From today I am deciding to limit my activities related to hobby.

You can share your experiences. How do you manage time in between your hobbies and other daily activities?

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