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by roshi on September 28, 2010

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Which is the fish you like most to keep? Search for its compatible fish and then go for it. If you are starting a community tank, compatible fish will live together with each other while fish not compatible with each other will fight and try to damage each other or kill the weakest. There are aggressive fish which will fight for dominance and will chew any fish they can fit into their mouth. Size matter in this situation. You should keep the almost same size fish in the community fish tank. Gourami, Oscars, Peacock, Piranha, Arowana, Flowerhorn fish are most dominant fish. Several from them eat meat and other fish. Most dominant is Piranha. Piranha can even bite off your finger and cut off fish net. Not to mention Shark. You know the shark, don’t you? Some species of shark can live with other fish as well. Here is the compatibility chart of several fish.

Oscar fish, Yellow Peacock fish, Malawi, Blue dolphin fish, Zebra cichlid fish, ram fish can live together.

Golden guppy, dwarf rainbow fish, yellow platy, black ruby barb, cherry barb and clown loach can live together.

Piranha, glass catfish, silver sharks can live together.

Blue coral platy, algelicus pimelodella, neon tera and gold fish can live together.

Goldfish compatible tank mates can be Corys, Weather Loach, Dojo, Hillstream Loach and other goldfish.

An aggressive fish will swim faster than the other.

Cichlid and Angelfish are also aggressive.

My advice is if you like goldfish, keep goldfish, don’t put other fish in the tank. If you like Cichlid put other Cichlid in tank. Keep Oscar with oscar. Keep Piranha with Piranha. Keep Flowerhorn alone.

Freshwater, Brackish and Marine Water Fish Compatibility Charts

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