Fresh Water Aquarium Equipment and Fish Food

by roshi on September 20, 2010

in Aquarium


Got some new equipment and fish food for my aquarium.

Bigger fish net
Fish tank scrubber
Water bubbles maker (shower bubbles maker)
Fish food floating type pellets
Fish food flakes
Fish food really tiny granules

Fish were slipping around and were difficult to catch with a small net so I got a bigger fish net. Fish tank scrubbers are available in many sizes and shapes. One tank scrubber is magnet scrubber but I got this simple one because my aquarium is small (22 gallons). Water bubbles maker is a bubble maker which uses the pipe from pump and produces a lot of small bubbles – stream of bubbles rushing upwards.

Fish food varies for different fish and it depends on their sizes as well so there are flakes, granules, pellets, pyramids, sticking pills and much more food types available.

And there are aquarium treatments to adopt fish new environment if you change water and other treatments to remove chlorine from water etc.





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