Freshwater, Brackish and Marine Water Fish Compatibility Charts

by roshi on November 15, 2010

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Fish selection plays vital role in fishkeeping hobby. To keep peaceful and happy fish community aquariums you need to know fish compatibility doesn’t matter whether you are going to keep freshwater fish, brackish water fish or marine fish (saltwater). If you do not care about this, chances are many of your fish will become food of other fish and many will loose their fin and skin ending up being dead and you will not just loose money but also loose few pretty fish which you got after lots of struggle. Not all fish come easily, right? Pet stores keep most selling fish. I myself got few of my selected fish after lots of wait. I had to tell the guy at pet store that I want Mono Sebae and Denison Barbs and he managed to get those for me. I am still waiting for clown loach and corydora to arrive at local per store as these are not available easily where I live. If I loose these fish which I have gotten after lots of wait then I am sure I will be pretty much pissed about it. That’s why do not put any fish right away in aquarium. First search for that fish profile you wanna add and read about its personality and habits, temperature requirements etc. I always read about fish and after I find it peaceful and compatible with my other fish species, I then add it in my aquarium. So that’s that. That you would wanna do if you are into peaceful community tanks, believe me. So here are three compatibility charts for freshwater, brackish water and saltwater fish. Go through these and select your favorite compatible species for your community fish tank.

Freshwater and Brackish Water Fish Compatibility Charts



Marine Water Fish Compatibility Chart


There are certain fish which likes to eat meat doesn’t matter its chicken, mouse, beaf of other fish. They will eat anything that fits in their mouth or they can bite off. Piranha, Oscar, Peacock Bass, Chicla, Large Chiclids, Paroon Sharks, Sharks, Puffer, Flowerhorn, Naja Sharks, Large Gouramis and many other will eat any other fish. Make sure you put these species with same kind and size of species. While Tiger barbs will bite off fins of other fish. Be aware.

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