Friendship Among Women VS Friendship Among Men

by roshi on February 16, 2011

in Funny

I am not against women or something but this funny story caught my attention. A friend told me this one. Personally I think that women are more polite and sincere than men. But the following story proves different opinion. Its not about the men VS women but its about comparison between these two groups.

One night the wife did not return home. The husband asked her that where she had been all night? She said that she slept over at one of her girlfriends. The husband called ten of her best girlfriends, but none of them did confirm.

The other night husband did not come home. The wife asked him that where he had been? He said that he was with one of his friends. The wife called ten of his best friends. Eight confirmed that he stayed over and two even said that he is still there.

What do you think?

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