Funny Turtles

by roshi on October 3, 2010

in Funny

YouTube has got it all. You search for it and its there…if you know what I mean. Discovery Channel and YouTube discover a lot if the subject of discovery is the animal. We searched and found awesome as well as awful videos about animals. But we will only show you good one which can cheer up your mood and make you laugh. The topic is turtle. I almost bought turtles for my aquarium before I knew about aquarium and fish…but then I realized that turtles can hurt fish. They will damage their fins and even eat small fish so I dropped the idea of having turtles with my fish. Turtles should be kept separate in different aquariums without fish. So here are few really cool videos of funny turtles.

Turtle is not so much cute animal. I used to think that its cool but in my opinion now its a hopeless and pathetic creature.

Turtle VS Cat

Bring it

Turtle Chasing Tomato

Frog Rides Turtle

Dino Looking Turtle

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