God – Allah – Bhagwan

by roshi on December 24, 2008

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Christians respect and believe in God.
Muslims respect and believe in Allah.
Hindus respect and believe in Bhagwan.
and so on…

Okay. I say, does not matter from what religion we are; Why not should we respect other religions and their believes too? It is important. Everybody has full right to follow his religion and his believes about it. Even if you do not have any religion; that is up to you. Choose your own set of believes. But I say respect believes of others as well. If you follow a religion, you are following it for your own good. It is not a matter of which believes are good and which are bad. All religions teach good things and talk about virtue.

My question is this — Why some people like to blame some religion? Why some people mock believes of other fellow humans. I will talk about the religion I know best. Back some time, this old world witnessed that some people mocked Islam by publishing photos of Prophet (PBUH). Some companies wrote some thing relating to Islam at shoes which should not have been written. If you love some body and some one else speaks ill of him/her, what will you do? Will you congratulate the person?

No man in his right mind will speak ill of something which is valuable for others. If he does, he definitely does not think good of other human fellows. And believe me, no matter what heights a human may reach, no matter what — he is still nobody in comparison with the Almighty Power. At some point a man may even hate the slightest dust at his shoulders; he may walk in pride. Yet here should not he remind himself that how he was born? What a human is in the very beginning? Life starts from what? But when he grows up, he forgets everything and considers himself almighty!!! He fights for his personal gain, walks in pride, claims about everything he can!

I ask you, who are we to speak ill about something which is valuable to somebody else? Follow your own believes and leave others with their own stuff. Some evil people try to spread hate among common people by provoking their emotions for their believes. By teasing them and provoking people against each other.

We should respect other religions and their believers too. I have said enough.
Have you something in mind to add in this context? Suggestion? Correction? Your views?

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