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by roshi on November 9, 2009

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Pakistan is a country of crisis and shortages. Specially the thing which is produced in Pakistan, becomes rare in Pakistan sometimes. In fact this is a game which Pakistani Government plays to keep its nation entertained in case they get bored with abundance of everything. First the wheat crisis and now the continued sugar crisis. Currently, the people of Pakistan don’t have electrical power, domestic gas, sugar, clean water, jobs, money, healthy food, security or hope. Everything seems to be under a crisis. Lets get the details of a funny incident I have heard via a friend of mine.

I was sitting in my house for a long time wondering to have a cup of tea again without sugar. I decided to go in the market and search for the sugar. Its been many days I was practicing to enjoy sugar-less tea which I am not used to. The reason was current unexpected sugar crisis and sugar shortage in Pakistan. After one hour of search I was able to find an old friend who runs a grocery store. I asked him that I was hell of bored while having no sugar in my life and I need it immediately. He told me that he had stocked a bit and agreed to give me just 1 KG of sugar. The thing which amazed me was he hid and wrapped the sugar well in a newspaper and gave it to me and added. Use it well.

We absolutely do not know when this sugar crisis in Pakistan will be over but it has created a really funny situation in Pakistan. It was started before arrival of the Holy month of Ramadan and is still continued.

Some say that its a fake shortage of sugar from the market. Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif took notice of sugar crisis in Punjab but we all know that most of the sugar mills in provinces of Punjab and Sindh belong to the members of parliament. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to impose 16% General Sales Tax (GST) on ex mill rate of sugar. It seems that FBR’s notifications will do little to finish off this crisis. There is no grip or control of the government to stop sugar crisis.

According to Dawn.

The sugar crisis is unlikely to end despite the agreement between the federal government and the sugar mill association raising the price of the commodity from Rs36 to Rs55 as they did not take provinces and the people on board. The government raised the price of sugar abruptly from Rs38 to Rs50 on the plea that the sugar price in the international market was high. It was also announced that if imported from Dubai the sugar would cost the public Rs65 per kg. The increase of Rs12 per kg in the price of sugar is considered as the most unpopular decision of the federal government. The Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif appealed to the federal government to relax sales tax and excise duty on sugar.


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The Punjab government alleged that the Federal Minister for Production Mian Manzur Ahmad Watto had unilaterally decided to raise the price of sugar without consulting Punjab. Mr Shahbaz Sharif said the Punjab government recovered more than 250,000 bags of sugar from hoarders in a bid to sell sugar to public at reasonable price, but the decision of the federal minister in fact quashed the move of the provincial government. Despite increase in the price of sugar, the commodity is still not available in the open market. Currently the sugar is available at the rate of Rs50 to Rs60 rarely if available anywhere.

This seems to be a bad time for Sugar Junkies.


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