How To Be a Good Kisser – Kissing Techniques and Best Practices

by roshi on September 23, 2009

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Kissing burns 6.5 calories per minute. Nine out of ten people say they would refuse to date someone who is a bad kisser, while one out of five say they’d date someone unattractive if that person was a great kisser. Following tips will help you to be a good kisser. Proceed with caution. Following audio video material can be bold for some people.

Good Kiss

Kiss With Passion

How To Get Someone To Kiss You

How to Kiss Someone with Braces

How to Kiss Creatively
How to handle a goodnight kiss

Quick Tips about Good Kiss

  • Freshen your breath. Make sure you have fresh breath. Brush your teeth and use some gum.
  • Keep things interesting by varying your technique and tempo. Flick and rotate your tongue. Keep your lips moving over theirs.
  • Keep it wet but not a washout.
  • Give them what they want. For guys, this means kissing her neck, since 90 percent of women rate a neck kiss more stimulating than a French one. For gals, it means gently biting his lips and earlobe.
  • Use your hands. Remember to caress your partner while you kiss.
  • Another tip for the men: Try holding her face in your hands as you kiss her. Women love that.
  • Keep your tongue in the front half of the other person’s mouth.
  • Moan softly. Don’t be afraid to moan softly and breathe heavily. There’s no bigger turn-on than knowing you’re turning on someone else.

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