How To Cope With Being Teased

by roshi on September 23, 2009

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While its always the safe way to ignore it, but sometimes it takes more than that to handle being teased. The trick is to channel your energy and face the person who teases you with a different approach.

Few Quick Tips

  • Most teasers rely on humor that’s rarely funny and almost always pathetic. So the next time anybody tries to make you feel bad, roll your eyes and call the fool out on their lame joke. Something simple like, “Really? That’s intended to be funny, right?” or “Oh! Was I supposed to laugh?”
  • Don’t give your teaser the satisfaction of making you cry. Instead, channel your anger productively, through art, sports, or music.
  • Learn how to trash talk like a pro. You might not be strong enough to take your teaser on physically, but you can certainly learn how to verbally judo flip him or her.
  • Kill him with kindness. Respond to their insults and taunts with compliments and charm. This won’t just take all the fun out of teasing you—it will confuse the hell out of them.
  • If the teasing is particularly nasty and/or you feel threatened, there’s no shame in speaking to your mom, dad, teacher, or counselor.
  • Remember that you’re awesome. Maybe the kids tease you because you love science or you wear pink chucks. What do they know? People who are considered nerdy or different are often the ones who change the world—just look at Bill Gates.

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