How to Find and Publish Latest Music Through Twitter

by roshi on May 12, 2009

in Music

Twitter is a place where people share everything. Their thoughts, secrets, business, experiences, fear, hate, love, addiction, habits, romance, opinion, friendship, tips, mistakes, success, dreams and the list goes on and on… You name it and there will be some user at Twitter blabbering about it. How can we miss Music. Yes people share their favorite Music online too. At Twitter you can find out whats the latest and most hot music is and actually listen to it live.

listen-twitter (pronounced TWISS-en-dot-eff-em) is a mashup that crawls Twitter for tweets about music. It then takes those tweets and throws in a play button so that you can listen to the song being talked about. They aggregate content from a number of music websites having huge music database and allow posting music at Twitter.

Besides you can actually share music at Twitter via You just go to TWT.FM, login via Twitter, search artist name and song, preview it and tweet it.


There is another service called tinysong which can find your song and then create a tiny URL for you to post it at Twitter or share anywhere.


Social Communities and networks give people freedom to share the best what’s out there. The best way to find your latest favorite addiction can be via these platforms as Twitter has successfully offered in collaboration with different other Music channels and live streaming media websites.

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